Total Dunnage Management Services

CORBI 360° Total Dunnage Management System

Our process is our product

CORBI’s 360° Total Dunnage Management is a systematic management process for reusable dunnage materials. The system is centrally managed and deployed by dedicated personnel throughout our nationwide network of locations and providers.

Operating CORBI’s proprietary asset management software and processes, these individuals are committed to providing CORBI’s customers with high-quality and affordable services that encompass each contact point of the packaging material.

For rigid container manufacturers, CORBI’s 360° Total Dunnage Management diagram illustrates our system.


  • Positively impacts your business operationally, financially, and environmentally
  • Allows your business the freedom to focus on core competencies
  • Simply stated, our system provides customers with the most effective plastic packaging material in the most efficient manner.

Our process is deliverable to your company in the following combinations:

Asset Management

    • Complete System
    • Identified Segments

Asset Supply

    • Pooled
    • Rental

Asset Retrieval & Storage

Services Supply

  • Materials Inspection
  • Materials Cleaning
  • Materials Repair

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