Total Dunnage Management


CORBI’s 360° Total Dunnage Management is a systematic management process for reusable dunnage materials.

CORBI manages transport packaging materials as they travel through the industry supply chain which increases efficiency and lowers cost.



CORBI leads the industry in the cleaning of plastic corrugated and solid sheets using wet and micro-dry technologies.

CORBI has the experience and ability to provide plastic pallet and top frame repairs at any one of our service centers.


Packaging as we know it today is the result of a long development process. Continuous research has resulted in better methods of packaging various foods used by consumers on a daily basis. CORBI has taken this research one step further by developing a system which allows us to clean packaging materials, which in return allows our customers to reuse their packaging. This reduces the per trip cost with reusable plastic.

CORBI offers a variety of services to our customers by improving supply chain performances and helping to lower packaging costs.

CORBI provides complete pooling and cleaning services to Anheuser-Busch InBev’s nineteen glass container plants, Saint Gobain, O-I, Anchor Glass, and Longhorn Glass; all of which service eleven breweries. Rexam, the world's leading can manufacturer, takes advantage of the CORBI pooling system for all bulk packaging needs and services to its sixteen manufacturing plants. When DSC joined the CORBI pool, they were able to fully convert from wood to plastic pallets, and recognize the benefits of plastic without the up-front investment.

Our Services

Services include pooling and packaging assets, such as; pallets, top frames, and divider sheets, and industry leading cleaning technologies to meet food grade standards and HACCP processes.

Using reusable plastic packaging is also more environmentally friendly. CORBI recycles 100% of all of its plastic packaging in the making of new products. Cleaning reusable packaging improves product quality, eliminates contamination risks, and increases life expectancy.

CORBI’s Services Customers:

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