Cleaning Service for Plastic Sheets

Wet & MicroDry™

CORBI leads the industry in the cleaning of plastic corrugated and solid sheets, using wet and micro-dry technologies that originated from our parent company's European operations. These technologies conform to HACCP regulations for food grade quality.

Both wet and dry processes adhere to cleanliness specifications for primary packaging used in food and beverage application. The cleaning procedure incorporates the use of proprietary equipment and is continuously controlled in line with HACCP processes to ensure product safety and quality.

The "Wet Cleaning" process offers "commercial sterilization" and is the most effective against a broad spectrum of impurities. Sheets become "industrially sterile" and are cleaner than the product placed on them. Our process qualifies that sheets are free from yeast & mold, Mesophile and E Coli bacteria’s.

The MicroDry™ cleaning process is effective against superficial dust and contaminants.

The ability to employ top-of-the-line cleaning processes for layer pads to food / beverage standards, distinguishes CORBI from all others.

Contamination Risk

Contamination Risk

Pallet & Top Frame/Tote Washer

Pallet & Top Frame/Tote Washer

CORBI uses HAACP principals for our pallet & top frame / tote washer. Process control is critical to ensure that each piece is cleaned and dried in a consistent manner.

Our 3-stage system has the ability to clean various contaminants from the surface of pallets and totes.

Currently we are providing services for numerous customers and materials. Thermoformed tote tops and bottoms is the latest material to be successfully processed through CORBI’s system.

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