CORBI Introduces CORBI 360°
Total Dunnage Management™


CORBI offers a more efficient food and beverage container shipping material, and a process that uses it more efficiently.

DeForest, Wis. - With expertise proven through years of service in both plastics manufacturing and comprehensive logistics management, CORBI offers a unique combination of products and process to help customers and the industry eliminate the operational, financial and environmental inefficiencies caused by using an unmanaged supply of depletable paper and wood dunnage. CORBI has named their solution “360° Total Dunnage Management” given its comprehensive approach to providing the food and beverage container industry with a system to capitalize on benefits inherently offered with reusable plastic dunnage.

CORBI 360° Total Dunnage Management is CORBI’s proprietary method of managing a “pool” of reusable plastic dunnage. By offering customers the ability to pool, or share, dunnage resources, CORBI improves cost structures, asset utilization and overall market standardization for a variety of businesses in the food and beverage container industry. CORBI’s plastic product material performance, durability, sheet-to-sheet consistency, recyclability and reusability are found to be superior to that of paper and wood dunnage. The more traditional alternative is more susceptible to tearing, getting wet, breeding bacteria, jamming machines, expanding and contracting with temperature variations; any combination of which can tip pallets and damage product. Furthermore, its nature as a limited-use depletable resource drives up cost structures and industrial waste.

CORBI 360° Total Dunnage Management enables CORBI’s experts to systematically track, ship, distribute, recover, sort, inspect, repair, clean, store and replenish reusable plastic dunnage – all so that customers will benefit:

  • Operationally – Plastic’s durability and reliability means operational consistency – no more torn paper, dust or debris, no more chipped wood, no more tipped pallets and destroyed product, no more line stoppages, no more dunnage shortages, no more worrying about last minute cross-country dunnage shipments. CORBI keeps the logistics loop moving from filler to bottle manufacturer to service center and back again by ensuring that dunnage is of a superior quality and always where the customer needs it, when they need it there.
  • Financially – CORBI’s fully managed dunnage pool trims inefficiencies to offer a sheet per trip cost that is substantially lower than that of the cost structure facing those who ship, collect, dispose of and repurchase depletable paper and wood dunnage. CORBI is able to deliver long-term savings with a simple monthly budgetary line-item.
  • Environmentally – Not only will customers, and the industry as a whole, reduce their paper and wood waste by shifting to reusable plastic, 100 percent of CORBI are recycled. As a non-organic material, customers will also count on plastic’s industrial sterility to eliminate sanitation risks that have stemmed from bacterial growth on paper and wood dunnage. Furthermore, CORBI offers full inspection and cleaning services that meet food grade and HACCP requirements.

CORBI has leveraged its logistics expertise, gained from years of experience in Europe, to put in place service centers across the United States and bring several national and multi-national bottle manufacturers and fillers into a dunnage logistics pool. Currently, CORBI manages more than 10 million sheets through more than 75 million sheet trips per year in the United States. In all, their products and process allow customers to improve their business and their bottom line.

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