Company History

Company History

In 1999 Cartonplast GmbH of Germany established Cartonplast USA to expand the success in Europe to the United States. By 2001 the first service and cleaning center began in Lafayette, Indiana. A manufacturing plant for corrugated plastic and glass tier sheets was built in DeForest, Wisconsin in 2004, and became known as CORBI Plastics LLC in 2005. CORBI was a joint venture of Cartonplast GmbH and ORBIS Corporation.

In 2011, ORBIS acquired full ownership of CORBI. Today, CORBI supports 35 container plants supplying 200 fillers in the United States alone. CORBI manages more than 10 million sheets in service and more than 75 million sheet trips per year.

CORBI combines its expertise in plastics manufacturing and comprehensive logistics management to provide the food and beverage container industry with a more efficient material and a more efficient method of moving that material through the supply chain.

CORBI’s nation-wide reusable plastic dunnage management program, CORBI 360° Total Dunnage Management™ offers supply chain services that are proven to eliminate the inefficiencies facing those who use and constantly repurchase depleting paper and wood dunnage. CORBI also manufactures a variety of plastic dunnage including plastic corrugated extruded sheets, solid and co-extruded sheets and layer pads.

CORBI’s process reduces the complexities of managing, tracking and cleaning a pool of packaging. By pooling dunnage resources with competitors, customers improve their cost structures, asset utilization and overall market standardization to keep their own product and processes safe and working as efficiently as possible.

Developed on the foundation of extensive experience in Europe and the United States, CORBI’s dunnage management experts utilize proprietary software and a logistics network that reaches across the United States. CORBI manages dunnage as it moves through the logistics loop from service center to filler to container manufacturer and back again. CORBI systematically tracks, ships, distributes, recovers, sorts, inspects, repairs, cleans, stores and replenishes reusable plastic dunnage.

CORBI is a subsidiary of ORBIS Corporation, North America’s reusable packaging leader. ORBIS Corporation’s parent company is Menasha Corporation, founded in 1849 in Menasha, Wisconsin. Today Menasha Corporation has more than 3200 employees in 70 locations in North America, Europe and China.

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